Open-source software projects


Actively contributing to the gonum library for numerical computations in the Go programming language.


A light-weight, open-source C++ library implementing half-edge data structure and algorithms for generating triangular meshes in polygonal domains by Delaunay refinement.


An C++/OpenMP implementation of an image segmentation algorithm described in the paper M. Beneš, V. Chalupecký, and K. Mikula, Geometrical image segmentation by the Allen-Cahn equation. Applied Numerical Mathematics, 51 (2004), 187–205.


An implementation of a multi-scale ODE/PDE model of concrete corrosion as described in the lecture notes A. Muntean, V. Chalupecký, “Homogenization Method and Multiscale Modeling”, COE Lecture Notes Series Vol. 34, Kyushu University (2011).


A tiny C++ library for data interpolation/transformation/deformation using polyharmonic splines.


A tiny C++ routine for computing the polar decomposition of square matrices using an iterative algorithm proposed in N. Higham, Computing the polar decomposition with applications. SIAM J. Sci. Stat. Comput. 7(4) (1986), 1160–1174. doi:10.11370907079.


A small C++ library for solving systems of ODEs with a focus on systems arising in the semi-discretization of partial differential equations. It implements several explicit variable-step Runge-Kutta methods and provides an interface to the CVODE library.

OpenFlipper Plugins

Plugins for OpenFlipper geometry processing framework.


This plugin aligns two triangular or polyhedral meshes using PCA with an optional rescaling.


This plugin creates a TriMesh or PolyMesh from boundary faces of a PolyhedralMesh or HexahedralMesh.